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Premiere Valets Covid-19 Policies

Here at Premiere Valet we just want to make sure that clients and customers feel as safe as possible. Besides the policies below, we are happy to take additional steps to make your event the safest possible. 

Safety measures include:

  • Actively encouraging sick employees to stay home. Our new policies encourage sick employees to stay at home without fear of reprisals, and ensure employees are aware of these policies.

  • Increased cleaning and sanitization of vehicles and stations. 

  • Make sanitizing gel and foam stations available where applicable.

  • All employees are to stay minimum 6 feet apart from customers. 

  • Masks are worn at all times throughout the shift. 

  • Vehicles will be heavily sanitized before and after entering the vehicle. 

  • Seat and steering wheel covers are given to each valet to be used in every vehicle. 

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